Tuesday, November 13, 2007

knoxville blog goes to the 1982 world's fair

This was way too good not to post.
The space shuttle has been cleared to land in Knoxville!!
I'll be there!
I'm not sure, but this thing might have possibly hit every ridiculous stereotype. Definitely look for the retarded kid at the end watching the Sunsphere get hit by a meteorite.

And another one...
This commercial demonstrates the cutting edge of special effects of 1982- no expense was spared to show how tech savvy Knoxville was. Be bedazzled!
I'm pretty sure making this burned out the Commodore 64 they were using.


stan said...

personally, i think this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stNvaRunyuc is even better than the prospect of a meteor hitting the sunsphere.

Victor Agreda, Jr. said...

Holy freakin' crap Lois, that was AWESOME.

Actually the ad looks like it was done by the guys who did Tron. If you look at their reel, they did lots of promos in that style (radio stations, etc.). A lot of those guys went on to work at Disney then ILM and Pixar.