Thursday, November 01, 2007


more pictures from knoxville. the leaves are finally beginning to really change (not impressively in this shot). which makes for a very exciting time for knoxville. here are some more pictures from the jung's camera--2 megapixels of digital power. if you think that you're looking at old 8mm film, then the pictures take on a vintage quality. try to think of them that way and they seem downright good.

this was my reward for waking up a few minutes early this morning. pretty amazing.

i actually took this one a couple weeks ago. but i just now found it. nothing really special about it. i mean the jfg building is amazing, i know. but i just posted this one for will. it is right next to where he used to park every time he came to the old city. i'm pretty sure i could hear the radio of the man who sits next to that parking lot when i took this shot. i'll have to put up a picture of him next.

unrelated to the above pictures, brent's friend, jeremy, posted a really good entry on his blog here. there's a link to his blog to the right. if any of you want to add any nifty links to this blog, let me know and i'll do it.


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