Tuesday, November 06, 2007

busy day at the office

as many of you may already know, this past weekend was the mooney wedding. several o0f the more adventurous knoxvillians, who also happened to be friends of mooney's, braved a cabin in pigeon forge this past thursday evening to indulge in bachelor party festivities. here are a couple shots from that evening. cullin's apron says: "have you hugged a presbyterian today?"in this next shot cullin is having an altercation with one of the nashville boys (jason griffin, i believe) over one of the following things:
1. the meaningless of his 'kicker' in a hand of six cards
2. the proper application of the psalms in a presbyterian worship service
3. whether social security is a pyramid scheme
i love bachelor parties!


will cote said...

i dont understand. is that emily dressed like a doctor in that video?

Anonymous said...

1. holy crap! our office looks soooooo depressing when viewed through a different lens.

2. yes, will, i am dressed like a doctor. for many reasons, the intricacies of our job are soooo hard to explain. in a nutshell: photo shoot, small budget, emily and jason play "extra" roles. i got to be a doctor. jason got to be some loser who buys his client lunch.