Thursday, November 15, 2007

cigar shop, lucas speaks!

last night entailed a trip to the cigar shop--a great place to relax and enjoy good friends. that you smell like an ashtray for the next two days is inconsequential. chris called for a 'meeting of the minds,' but only a few answered the call. i suppose the wiser of us figured that anything so superficially titled could only end in disappointment, but megan, lucas and i went anyway. so, enjoy the pictures.

they think they're so cool...too bad they're not!

of greater importance, lucas gave his first talk at ruf. if
you so desire, you can listen here. all there agreed it was relevant and honest. give it a tumble.

and for some general knox pictures...
downtown knoxville was possibly in a cloud two night ago. of course, the camera cannot capture the beauty of it at all, but i tried anyway. it gives you an idea of how dense the fog was. it seemed as if the world shrunk to the size a few small blocks.

because fall is amazing, here are a few shots from my walk to work this morning. i'm beginning to think that this walk is my favorite part of my day.

seeing the difference in the vibrant colors on the trees in real life and dull, fuzzy images this p.o.s. camera captures, i think i know what the jung's next great expenditure will be.