Wednesday, November 28, 2007

knoxville : food, folks, and pianos?

Well, here's another funky tidbit from your correspondent's growing expertise on all things North Knoxville. Biking to work has definitely helped me see new things.
This might be one of the stranger places to buy a piano in Knoxville. It says "Gene Ammans of Clark Bros. Piano Co." on the trailer/sign parked by the street. I know that there's a Clark Bros. Piano Co. over on Magnolia Ave. I get the feeling that this is a splinter faction from the original shop. Preaching the one TRUE word, I'm sure. Perhaps the piano retail world has its many doctrinal differences too.
The shop itself is situated in the rear of an old 40's shopping center across from Greystone Mansion- back where almost no one notices it. A sideways glance and you see Ronald McDonald holding a keyboard sitting on the parapet. This is the same kind of creepy statue statue that used to sit all across the country on benches by McDonald's that gave off a vibe like- "Hey! Come sit by this weird clown statue and let him put his arm around you. Maybe he'll give you a back rub too!" After freaking kids out for most of the 80's they phased ol' Ronald out. Culture changed and a grown man dressed like a clown hanging out with kids didn't seem like a good basis for marketing anymore. Now he works for Gene, hawking pianos on Broadway.


regi said...
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regi said...

i knew a kid who went in there once and he never came out. a day later that ronald mcdonald statue popped up on the roof. coincidence? maybe. let's just say he bought his last piano, if you catch my drift, to go.

ck said...

reginold, send me a picture that you like of yourself for the sidebar. and post something, ya deadbeat.

regi said...

hey wha happened? how do i send you a jpeg again?

Anonymous said...

i love that place! did you go inside? there used to be a bunch of reindeer on its roof. not just for christmas either. weird.

regi said...

i think gene drives to work drunk everyday. notice the perfectly executed parking job! that's our gene!

oh yeah if SOMEONE would let me borrow there expensive digital camera, maybe i would do a stupid expose. we can't all be trust fund kids, or can we?

ck said...

you can borrow mine, poor boy

stan said...

is it weird to anyone else that ronald is cuddling up to the keyboard like it was some scared child who didn't want his mcfries?

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