Friday, November 30, 2007

Go Vols?

So, being a blog about Knoxville, one of us has to address this. There are other "cut me and my blood runs orange" blogs out there, but let's look at this objectively.
Admit it: we squeaked in. Kentucky had us sweating. We could win tomorrow if LSU is so despondent over their fall from No. 1 that they commit suicide and play horribly in the SEC Championship. My feeling is that they'll really want to come out of a great season with something, anything.
I would like UT to win. They could do it. Don't get me wrong, I'll be cheering for them at The Pol's party. But these guys who are swaggering about with a "we've got this in the bag" attitude really get to me. Let's call a spade a spade: we're just glad to be going to Atlanta, no matter what happens tomorrow.

This is for The Pol, I thought he might like it. And to entice him to actually participate here. Comment, I dare you!
El Presidente!

Welcome new readers to the WIGSHOP. Our hits have topped 80 today-more than our first month combined- yeah baby!


lucas said...

yeah, we don't really deserve to be playing tomorrow. but we have nothing to lose, so maybe we'll somehow pull out a win and all our lunatic fans can delude themselves into thinking we have a legendary team.

Anonymous said...

my blood does not run orange, and i fully plan on distracting you all from football at the pol's party.

i hate college football but i love little knoxvillians

will cote said...

who won at risk? tell me it wasn't the pol.

stan said...

sadly, the pol is playing poker in his profile pic (which i assume you're referring to) and he didn't win. the last time we fought over the world, however he did win--but you remember that: the world ended not with a bang, but with a roll of dice...

or something like that.

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