Monday, November 12, 2007

party and march

last week, the final two days of the working week were jam packed with adventure!

there were also two fun extracurricular activities. on thursday night, megan and i made our way to an open house hosted by the firm (unnamed)
of one of this blogs very own, talented contributors. there, we engaged in pseudo intellectual discussion concerning the elements of style and design while we enjoyed a very nice mixture of sushi, beer, and baklava.

i'm positive that everyone in the picture on the right will hate me for putting it up. sorry, it is just too good to pass up.

flashback: monday evening. megan and i stepped into the elevator at sterchi to notice a notice a note typed in times new roman 12pt on 8.5 by 11. that roughly read: "
on friday november 9, please do not park on gay st. from hill to depot. there will be a parade in honor of veterans day. we will tow on friday morning at 8am. the parade begins at 11. i hope to see you there." signed, no one.

on friday, i was more than a little excited both by the prospect of a parade that required an entirely empty gay street and by this mysterious leaver of unsigned notes. perhaps, i
hoped, i might catch a glimpse of he or she who had warned the entire sterchi building at the parade.

sadly, the parade was disappointing in both respects. it consisted mostly of high school marching bands and old, decommissioned-looking hummers. though there were a couple flybys from a wing of p-51 mustang (not pictured, unfortunately) stunt planes. also, there was no sign of the placard placer (masked, i assume). no doubt he or she was out warning other uninformed citizens about the upcoming mr. knoxville contest, which is sure to halt traffic from summit hill to the river.


ck said...

that is a really bad picture.

will cote said...

looks like ya'll were having a good time. im sending over something small for you guys. sorry i missed the pseudo intellectual discussion. you know how i love that stuff.

Anonymous said...

that picture of megan is priceless

will cote said...

how the H do you format your posts so well? are you some kind of HTML wizard?

stan said...

you gotta know the tricks, will. and have an amazing middle--like stanley. every html wizard has an amazing middle name.