Thursday, November 29, 2007

our knoxville blog

Well, our readership may be increasing according to our hit counter so I was curious to see if the WIGSHOP came up in Google under "Knoxville blog." And... we didn't even come close. Even "sunsphere" didn't do it. I changed our web title slightly so that we will start showing up if someone is looking for a good off-kilter blog about Knoxville. Once Google remaps this week it should start coming up on their search.
I did come across another Knoxville blog- "The Scruffy City Blog." I put a link in the sidebar to it. It's good to see someone else thinks Knoxville is worth blogging about.
In an effort to make the blog more accessible to people who might not be our friends, I have included our contributers likenesses to the right. The Pol and Lucas, send me a picture that you'd like to see here.

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Tish said...

You might enjoy Knoxville Trivia Blog.

You can read my review of it here.