Wednesday, November 21, 2007


in honor of tomorrow, here is a list of some little knoxvillians that are very dear to me and that i am very, very thankful for:

the lindsay young downtown ymca
the loop on the cherokee boulevard
sunday brunch at pat sullivans (homestyle breakfast, yum!)
a good cup of coffee and a place to sit and read at old city java
dusk-time runs through downtown, up gay street, through market square and along neyland
the 100 block of gay street
delicious mexican food at senor taco or soccer taco
chilled tequila shots and draft pbr-s at urban bar
the reuben sandwich at cosmo's deli at gourmet's market
cormac mccarthy and all those places suttree hit up
immaculate conception on vine street
the university club swim team
the disc exchange in south knox
easy access to the mountains and my little river home
lazy saturday afternoons bumming around downtown
walks to my choice of wonderful restaurants and bars
the kepner melt on wheat (minus mustard) at tomato head
candy pumpkins from mast general
feeling home
my knoxville friends, those near to me now and those very far away

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