Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wait... How did I miss THIS

Josh Flory got the scoop in the Scope about a new mini-market in World Grotto.

You can buy milk, canned foods, etc and it's all on market square. It's been open for a little under a month so it's no wonder i've missed it... plus there has been no PR for it.

has anyone bought anything from here? The prices seem a bit high, really high, but at least it's still convenient.

here are some of his pics of it.


max said...

yum. pricey is right.

The Modern Gal said...

How many different things have they tried at World Grotto that hasn't worked?

Amelia said...

I read somewhere this morning that they will deliver, too, as long as it's nearby in the South Knox/Ft. Sanders area.