Wednesday, September 24, 2008

rip, knoxville talks

Knoxville Talks used to be an everyday web stop for me. Katie Allison Granju built it up into one of the better local news blogs in the Knoxville blogosphere, constantly updating with viewpoints of life in our city. But now she's gone, and Knoxville Talks is no longer talking. In her last post, Katie said that she was "leaving us in the capable hands of WBIR." Well, it seems that WBIR and can't even keep up one of its flagship blogs. Despite KAG's boosterism, WBIR's blog efforts seem half-hearted and are easily being outclassed by both the community that the News-Sentinel has built and the style of Knoxville Voice. Knoxville Talks was easily the best part of WBIR's web presence- I think it's a real shame they've let it lapse.

Update: Looking around a little more, I found Granju's new blog at, you guessed it,


Anonymous said...

Was thinking exactly the same thing Monday as I cleaned out my feeds. is gone from there, because it's a deadend. Sad, too, after so much of Katie went into it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks y'all. I did really put a lot of effort into Knoxville Talks, and I loved doing it.

I am still hopeful that my good pals at WBIR will decide to show my former bloghome some love.

They might respond to an e-mail or two on the matter (hint, hint ;-)

There are some really clever, interesting folks in the WBIR newsroom who would do an excellent job with Knoxville Talks. I hope it happens.


The Modern Gal said...

Katie, I loved that you were able to keep WBIR at the forefront of things technology. I'm enjoying your new blog, but I do miss Knoxville Talks.