Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lookout Nama ... err sort-of

So I recently visited Knoxville's newest Japanese foodery, Magic Sushi. Located at 17th and Cumberland on The Strip, Magic Sushi occupies the infamous corner spot once home to Blockbuster Video, Ruby Tuesday and, most recently, The Cube. This paradoxical locale is the Bermuda Triangle of Strip residents, with each tenant only lasting a couple years. Why is this so? The location is arguably one of the best in the area, yet every business that sets up shop is almost invariably doomed to failure. I mean, who doesn't want to go to a sleek, modern club called The Cube ... on the Strip?

The food was actually really, really good, and it didn't hurt my expectations that when we walked in, the Asian American Association was having a gathering there. Happy Hour is from 4 to 6, and includes select rolls (be sure to check out the Crab Cake Roll). Prices are average to just-shy-of-Nama territory, but then again, food, ambiance and service are all in that upper echelon. Give it a chance, and let's hope this one can break the curse.

PS: There's still a club attached, so if you are one of the many who are missing The Cube, there may or may not be a foam party in the not too distant future.


The Modern Gal said...

With Tao biting it, I'm glad to see some more competition for Nama. Don't get me wrong, I love Nama. I just hate the hourlong waits on a Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Tai did not bite it. They are renovating and reopening exclusively as a sushi bar. So there's even more sushi coming to our weird town.

B said...

i'd be more inclined to go there if it wasn't named that. and if it didn't have a poster of an airbrushed/ computer generated girl on the outside.

ck said...

i love the huge weird euro/asian-trash poster of the girl on the side of the building. techno-sushi, here i come!

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