Friday, September 12, 2008

the sunsphere is not a gas storage tank

You might have heard by now that our fair city is running head first into a gas shortage. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike have threatened refining operations along the Gulf Coast and now our local stations are running low on supply while the prices are quickly increasing ... I think they've gone up a quarter in the past 12 hours.

Make sure you fill up your tanks now before Hurricane Volfans comes to town this weekend for football, increasing the demand. Or try parking the car this weekend and walking/biking everywhere you need.

Has anyone been out to fill up this morning? What have you seen?


Mickey said...

No, but the lady and I are hittin' the highway later and I just hope the alarmists haven't sucked all the pumps dry.

The Modern Gal said...

I was sitting in traffic on The Strip just a while ago watching as one station employee was changing the premium gas price to $4.99. Outrageous.

I'm now of the impression that people are just panicking.

Unknown said...

One of the Weigels on Cedar Bluff is out of regular unleaded. All they have is mid-grade and premium.

max said...

the city gas on john sevier/island home is completely dry.

ck said...

Has the fact that there's a 50 cent spread caught anyone's attention? The overall price of a high demand finite natural resource doesn't bother me so much what seems to be price gouging. If a station down the street can sell it at $4.49, why is yours $4.99?! A 10 cent spread around town is normal, but this is ridiculous.

max said...

I would encourage anyone who feels that they were price gouged to file a complaint with the State of Tennessee. This is ridiculous. $5.20 on one block and $3.99 on the other. That isn't economics, that is idiocy.

Oh and it is no coincidence that the first home game at UT was on the same weekend as insane gas prices.

(i tried to find where one can officially complain to the state, but couldn't... sorry.)