Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boomsday was awesome... but

Well, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, because don't get me wrong I loved Boomsday.... Whenever Henley street gets shut down and I can walk without fear from one side to the other is a good day for me.

Also i have a fantastic vantage point looking down on Neyland and watching the world go by.

I also was in a perfect spot for those phenomenal fireworks.

But now for my complaint:

The Chrysler Sponsor Area or whatever. They blocked off a huge chunk of the walkway and no one was there. It's a city park, meaning I pay for the upkeep. Not cool.

OK, I get that sponsors should get a good spot because they spend a lot of money. That's fine. My problem was that they set up on the Riverwalk blocking people from a public thoroughfare. It kept the visiting public from enjoying one of the bonuses of Knoxville: our Riverside Park.

OK, I'm not gonna rant any longer. It wasn't that big a deal probably- but it just irks me to see stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

would love to see the photo, but it's not displaying! (in any browser)

Anonymous said...

In my experience, sponsors pay big bucks so their logo & name can be everywhere, but they don't have to actually show up in person.

The Modern Gal said...

Boooo. I love Boomsday too but have always found difficulty in actually viewing it.

max said...

that makes absolutely no sense. what is that, the VIP section?

i tried to get over there to get some wide shots of the bridge, etc. but couldn't b/c of that huge barrier.