Friday, September 05, 2008

the original freezo: a taste thrill

Some people say that I have a GPS in my stomach. It usually leads me to particularly unhealthy food from my childhood. And based on the location my wife and I decided to live in knoxville, I must say they're entirely correct.

The original freezo is basically the concession stand at the Doug Tew baseball fields where I grew up in South Alabama. At about the 7th inning, my stomach growled for cheese fries so loudly that we joked about it distracting batters when I played catcher.They've got corndogs and hamburgers and, by my account, an award winning frozen yogurt machine. I tried the chocolate dipped chocolate and vanilla swirl in a cone. If you're there at the right time, they've got peach shakes (see picture on the side). That's an ice cream fantasy if I've ever heard of one.

If you're in the mood for a cheap thrill (or fantasy), head up Central Ave from downtown to their drive-thru just past Happy Hollow. Minor setback- the hours are tough for the working (wo)man, 11-5 on weekdays. But the main reason you should go to the freezo is that it's 100%, bona fide Knoxalicious.


benjamin said...

i'm so glad this finally made the wigshop cut. i lived right down the street from it all last year, but only got to eat there a handful of times. thats just cause i'm stupid, though.

other than the frozen yogurt goodness, i would say the array of knives and collectibles in the window is my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this place before! i cant wait to try it

ck said...

i'm ashamed to say that freezo has been on my list for 5 years. i'll just say it was the lame hours that prevented me. i'm always intrigued by these businesses that endure for some reason, relics of a different time (e.g. pizza palace, also on my list. look for a post this fall).

ck said...

and is freezo wearing elf shoes?! weird.