Thursday, September 04, 2008

photo : what we used to have

Continuing my series of photo posts no one seems care about (or comment on), I found this photo while doing research for the mini buildings I'm designing for Safety City. They wanted a 1/4 scale replica of the old Market House. I'd known that there'd been a market building in the middle of Market Square, but I had never seen the old photos of it. It's awesome. Why did we tear it down?! I mean, I love the open plaza of the Square now, but this would've been really cool for Knoxville to still have. Just to orient you to the photo above, at the far left of the photo is the Kerns Building, where Market Square Kitchen is these days. This view is basically looking back up Market Street, from where Home Federal is now. Krutch Park would be to the right. The end we're looking at was tall, but the rest of it was like a big shed (similar to Charleston's Market) that people backed their wagons to and sold produce. The photo below shows the back part a little better. How cool would the Farmer's Market be if it was in this?


Shauna said...

I miss Market Square. Working on it was one of a bunch of things that I loved about being in Knoxville.

B said...

why did they tear that down? probably because there have been and always will be rich knoxvillians that like to demolish pretty things. we could have a whole blog on knoxville development.

max said...

sundown sure would be different.

The Modern Gal said...

I love seeing old photos of places I know, kind of like reading Agee's descriptions of Knoxville.

A market would be amazing, but I'm not surprised it was torn down. It seemed to take a long time for Knoxville to appreciate the treasures it had.

ck said...

i heard that it burned, but instead of restoring it (a concept that was alien to americans in the 60s) they tore it down and made "the mall" complete with futuristic concrete mushroom canopies. most american cities lost a lot of good buildings in that era, but knoxville seemed to have been rather extreme even for then.

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