Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Laura's Nails in Bearden

I was always a nail biter. It's a terrible, disgusting habit; but it was always my vice. After many failed attempts to quit, I finally kicked the habit for good about a year ago. Maybe my nails will never be the prettiest little things (working a very corporate job, it's easy to pick out the sort of manicured and maintained corporate lady with her matching jewelry and sweater sets; that lady is not me), but they are much nicer looking than they've ever been.

I like to treat myself to manicures and pedicures. My runner's feet need some love. And my hands, well, they still need a lot of help. I'm not a fan of super posh salons where everyone whispers and feeds you relaxation elixirs. They make me uncomfortable. Nor am I a fan of mall nail salons, because you never know how clean they are or whether or not you'll lose a toe when you're in there.

So I love Laura's Nail Salon in Bearden, because it is distinctly neither of the two things above. It's a cozy, friendly little salon in the same plaza that's home to a Subway and a cupcake boutique. At Mohican and Kingston Pike, it's right across the pike from new Nama.

I just feel comfortable at Laura's. It's the sort of little place where you could strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. Laura sets out bagels on Saturdays; I love going there on a Saturday morning for a light breakfast and a pedicure. She's also got very reasonable prices for such high quality services! Who doesn't love a deal? Laura is a small business owner whom I love and respect very highly. She treats her customers with the utmost respect; and she is genuinely concerned about their well-being. She is friendly and fabulous. She's a family woman; and you can tell the second you meet her. And her staff follows suit; those are some wonderful people down there at Laura's.

If you're a runner, you will love Laura's. She's awesome with callouses! She understands that they're there for our protection...so she'll give your feet some love, but she won't file your skin away with that scary file thing!

My friends and I are all regulars at Laura's; I think you should be too.

5201 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 450-9254