Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday night with the Wigshoppers

Well, we had ourselves a right lovely evenin' in Knoxville's Golden Globe.

Thursday night was the first of many of our Nights Out With the Wigshop. Robert, my wife, and Myself showed up at 7ish and the night got better. Three hours later, CK, Big B, Lo, and Brimer (our newest though yet to post writer) all made appearances.

It was a night to remember and I want to tell everybody to go up there. The Skybox is fantastic. The drinks are delicious (I had a Strat-o-Sphere, ummm yummy) and the views are intense. Knoxville never looked so good.

I'm gonna put up a couple of pics I took and hopefully some of the gang will add theirs on as well.

So Remember go to the Skybox, in the Sunsphere ask for Barbara who is a fantastic server, and spend three or so great hours enjoying one of Knoxville's best bars.

No Surprise, it get 10 Wigs in my book.

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The Modern Gal said...

Bummer. I'm even sadder I missed it now.