Thursday, December 06, 2007

Round One Fight

ok so here I am.

The Pol makes his debut. I'd like to start by saying I have pansies on my balcony and they do make me happy.

As my name suggests i will be the guy who posts uninteresting rants and raves. So get ready.


ck said...

welcome the pol! sorry about this morning- ck was out cold. i hope you had a good meeting. we need to hang out this weekend... poker anyone?

stan said...

gosh, all this time i thought your name meant that you were just a big fan communism in cambodia...silly me.

Anonymous said...

i thought his name meant he liked strip clubs.

and couldn't spell.

will cote said...

i fantasized yesterday for about 10 minutes about randomly seeing john bolton in south korea and getting his autograph and asking him how i could get a job working for him and how awesome it would be to have my picture taken with him. all that to say you need to post again