Thursday, December 06, 2007

the pansies, cont.

compelled by curiosity, at 6pm last night i went to see the 'blessing of the pansies'. obliterating the built up mystery, the gathering turned out to be exactly what it purported.

as i was looking in from the street, i saw a group of 15 or so middle-aged men and women (but mostly women) in the lobby of 120 s. gay. one of them, wearing a pink cowboy hat waved me inside.

when i asked what they were doing, she told me that they were about to go outside and bless the pansies. apparently a friend of hers was going to come to the second story balcony (holding pansies?--this part was kind of hazy) and the rest of them would go to the street and literally bless them. while we waited, she offered me white or red wine from either of two boxes perched on top of the mail drop in the lobby.

sadly, i did not have the true adventuring spirit last night. so i left them to their pansy blessing. but the group was very nice and i wish i had taken their picture. as far as i can tell, pansies generally make people happy, so i guess its a pretty good idea to bless them every once in a while.

also, megan and i went to sunspot last night to enjoy half priced wine. the wine was pretty good, but it has been a few months since i've been there, i nearly forgot that i really like drinking at the sunspot.


Anonymous said...

here is a little known fact:
once upon a time, i was in a sorority (i went to a small college in a corn field in MI, and there was nothing else to do, so there...). my sorority flower? the pansy. if you want, i will sing you some songs about them.

ck said...

that's a great picture of sunspot. it hard to believe there's a place that cool on the strip of all places.