Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For Stan

OK so I know I've Already posted one video but hey, this one is for the big guy.

Besides I'm the Pol and should live up to my name.
This is really happening, actually its launching wednesday.

Now I really want to watch some George Lucas.



regi said...

so if ron paul is the equivalent to the empire, whose the rebel alliance?


ck said...

man, that's a long video of different angles of a blimp. someone needs to teach that guy about editing. and, how can a blimp fly in outer space?! bad concept. it almost makes me want to vote against him just to never see tripe like this again.

stan said...

best quote: "there is only one way to defeat the enemy:

a blimp"

so actually, reggie, the blimp is the rebel alliance. the powers that be are the empire. it's "the man", man.