Thursday, December 20, 2007


okay so i have this great friend lewis who used to live here, in south knoxville. lew now lives in mississippi, and i miss him greatly.

anyway, lew devised a list of terms for knoxville regions. i use them frequently and unabashedly. so, here are brief "definitions" of the knoxville regions. though, really, the terms are quite obvious.

so-kno = south knoxville
no-kno = north knoxville
do-kno = downtown
we-kno = west knoxville

east knoxville, well you just get the shaft.


ck said...

maybe east should be "uh-oh-kno" as in, "I'm sorry I don't want to buy any crack, we just made wrong turn."

hollagrigga said...

hey now easy on the east side. they family too.

anyways yeah i've been saying so-kno for years! born an raised--wooo!

Anonymous said...

i guess we could call it e-kno, but that sounds kinda like emo.