Tuesday, December 04, 2007

this is a stick up

At 11:00 on Saturday, the First Tennessee Bank on Broadway in North Knoxville was robbed. That's MY BANK. It's right down the street from our apartment. That lady in the surveillance photo is one of MY TELLERS. I make small talk with them every week.

I often go in there on a Saturday morning to deposit my paycheck. I could have been in a bank heist. Did he make everyone get on the ground?Did he rob everybody, or just the tellers? Did he have a getaway car with an accomplice? What kind of gun did he have?
Ahh, life in the city... it could have been me. I could've been questioned by the police about his height and weight, asked what his voice sounded like. Later in court I might've pointed at him from the witness stand, "That's the man that robbed the bank, your honor!"
So close... you never know what crazy things might happen around you in this city.

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stan said...

you should definitely ask your company to pay you via direct deposit. that way, you can eliminate those pesky trips to the bank and possibly save yourself the annoyance of a gun in your face.

then again, it would be nice to be the prosecution's star witness...