Saturday, December 15, 2007

fun fun fun

last night, i went with my very good friend jz to see woman at the pilot light. it was such a great time! i hadnt been to the pilot light since it became a non-smoking place, and i was curious to see how the culture handled the knox-induced ban on smoking. i have to say that i didnt notice a difference (then again, i dont smoke), and i was so happy not to smell like ass after i left. dont get me wrong, i loved the pilot light with smoke, but smelling good is a bonus, as is the alleviated fear of a someone's cigarette ramming into my eye or flesh (it's a crowded place). anyway, i dont go to the pilot light as often as i'd like, mostly because i can never get anyone other than jz to go with me and apparently he has other friends and a life and shit. who knew? isn't everyone a loser like me? i guess not. anyway, i digress. the pilot light is such a good place to see a show. tons of GREAT bands, local and not, nice people who are happy to be there dancing, drinking, talking and maybe even beating the shit out of each other. and woman is not only a great knoxville band, but a great band in general. so yeah, happy me bouncing up and down at the pilot light. good times.


ck said...

it was cool seeing you last night at the cigar shop. you should give steinbeck another chance! word is there might be a movie night at stan's tonight...

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