Thursday, December 27, 2007

merry christmas...

... and a happy new year!
Just to keep things rolling in the ol' wigshop, I thought I'd post something here. I hope all our writers and fans had a great Christmas and are enjoying the holidays.
QUESTION: who's gonna be in Knox Vegas ringing in 2008?
ck & co. will be there... if you're in town on the 31st, lets all get together and make it a memorable New Year's.


The Pol said...

the wife and i will be in. the city is putting on a big DT todo. I say a bottle of bourbon (the stuff shane recomended) and the top of smee and busby because market square should be hopping.

think about it.

we can all get together and watch the sunsphere drop.

Victor Agreda, Jr. said...

Sadly I passed out at 10pm only to re-awaken at 12:30 and stumbled directly into bed