Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OOPS, did I leave that torch on?

This was the scene on Gay St. yesterday at about 6:30PM. The Crimson Building (I think that's the name of it) caught fire... again. Anyways, this time it wasn't so bad- just a little smoke and such, no flames and no mass evacuation. Just glad we had a fire station two blocks over.

Please stop trying to burn down our cool old buildings. Seriously. But later that evening I walked by and everything seemed fine. Even the work lights were on, so maybe it wasn't really a big deal.


ck said...

that building seems to be unlucky... i'm not sure if i'd want to buy a condo there. i'm pretty sure the city is going to insist on a sprinkler system this time, which wasn't required in the original restoration. that way damage will be limited to one unit and not take out the whole building.

Anonymous said...

I was running by there as this was happening. Weird. That building is doomed.

Doug said...

how convenient for the pol to have just been walking by... and for em to be at the scene as well. i smell an arson conspiracy... no wait, that was my reoccurring gas from ethiopian food last weekend.
and wow, alittlenashvillian is second on the list of friends! i hope we exceed all expectations... which i'm quite aware are very low.

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