Saturday, June 21, 2008

Celebrity Knoxville

yep, I saw a bona-fide celebrity. Well Kind of.

This guy Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) on Lost was in Starbucks on the strip this morning, I'll wager my campaign on it.

thank you ABC.

OK so why is this important?

As we all know (or at least those addicted to the show like me and my wife) Knoxville has a special place in the makers of Lost's heart.

We have been the site of a highly selective ad campaign and one of the main characters is from here (Sawyer).

So here is my theory:

There is an episode (or at least some scenes) being filmed here. Knoxville has a decent media industry, not that that is required, but it is a plus.

I would love to know anything about next season as the makers are so incredibly tight about everything they do.

So let us know if you have had any similar sightings.


Patrick Beeson said...

If Tennessee, or Knoxville, has a legal requirement for film permits, you could find out if this is indeed true.

max said...

i did see a film crew and production truck on Union between the Crutch Park arch and the start of Market Square.... it didn't seem too secretive, but maybe they weren't trying to draw too much attention. they were shooting two men in business attire talking to one another right at the arch. the police wouldn't let us idle, so we couldn't stop and watch.

max said...

oh and that was last night... but then again, the film festival is going on right now ( i think ) and that could have been it. plus the only non-hawaiian episodes were shot in London because one of the actors couldn't make it to hawaii.

ok so score huge nerd points for me. call me a dork, but if it really was him then that is amazing.

Connie said...

He was at Sitar for dinner tonight too.

Anonymous said...

He was at Barley's tonight too.

benjamin said...

my friend ethan met him and his girlfriend on friday. she has family in knoxville and that's why he was here.

oh, and also because Widmore hired him to come here and do maze experiments on hillbilly-lovin' banjo-pickers and then send us back in time.

ck said...

it's confirmed: the pol is a rumor monger.

chase said...

this guy has been in everything. i'm surprised to see him listed as having anything to do with lost.
my point is i could really go for some sitar right now. it's midnight.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin - Had no idea he had a girlfriend. I'm guessing she's not famous, either, which is very characteristic of Mr. Davies. Very private.