Monday, June 23, 2008

blatant filler post

The Wigshop is running on a skeleton crew this week, so here goes.
This might be one of the Greatest B Movies of All Time, one that deals with racism in a thoughful, sensitive manner:

The Thing With Two Heads!

"Why you guys gotta do this to me?!"
I love the funky music that cues in at 0:50.


The Modern Gal said...

If the Wigshop ever needs help blogging, I'd be happy to help though I'm one of those uncool people who don't live downtown :-)
I can give you the Bearden point of view though.

ck said...

we've been mulling over if we need to get more contributors, so it's interesting you bring that up. as you know, the illustrious stan is heading out at the end of the summer. let me convene the Wigshop Supreme Council and we'll consider hazing, uh, letting you in.