Tuesday, June 24, 2008

competition for "the pol"

Well, despite a strong showing in Political Knoxville's poll, things look grim for The Pol aka John Spellings. His rival, Republican Albert Baah, has some kind of army truck/ambulance. And nothing says "well-oiled political campaign" like one of these babies sitting on North Gay Street.
It doesn't matter how good of a (brilliantly-designed) website Spellings may have, now the big guns are needed. And by big guns I (literally) mean The Pol needs a tank. Or anything olive green (armored personnel carrier?) just as long as we can park it on South Gay Street.

This aggression will not stand, man.

So start donating, kiddies. Tanks ain't cheap.


adam brimer said...

thanks ck. just let me know if i can let my creative juices flow for the wigshop.


Mickey said...

We could always steal that orange Vol Army tank. It's not really doing anything right now anyway. In this town, orange trumps green, after all.

The Pol said...


I'm DOOMED....

Wait is that a dealer tag on the back of that thing.

I don't get the feeling that it's really being demoed with those signs on it.

Does Albert Baah agree with the abuse of Dealer plates? HMMM?

Write-in Spellings, Write out Tax Evasion!!

bcknoxify said...

Save Gas and Ride a Horse with a TN State Flag to work....that would be solid!

ck said...

i like it! very andrew jackson!