Thursday, June 12, 2008

living in the ghetto? enhance that mood!

I saw this at the Western Ave. Pilot, or, as I'm starting to lovingly call it- Ghetto Pilot. "Neuro Fuel" apparently gives you "Motivation" and "Happiness" with its "Mood Enhancement Formula." Yes! Judging from the unmotivated characters hanging around Ghetto Pilot they'll be selling caseloads of it.

Does anyone else feel like recently a lot more of this kind of crap has appeared? Is the "energy drink" industry is really pushing the envelope of legal drugs? Or is it just misleading advertising?

I guess I figure I get enough chemicals in my body from good ol' Knoxville air without putting Neuro Fuel in there.


J Murda said...

i am such a sucker for all of these.

also, seems like pilots are either ghetto or fancy as hell in knoxville, but never in between.

stan said...

is it insidious that pilot put the ad in front of the handicap space or just coincidence?

also, ck, if i'm looking at this picture correctly, it appear that you snapped this shot from the inside of a silver van. purchasing neuro fuel undercover?

ck said...

that was while i waiting for alice in her mom's pimp suv. but afterwards i had to hide my face when we rolled past the food coop, or risk losing all my granola cred.

Anonymous said...

funny post..
Hilarious comments.

The Pol said...

and no that is not the pol walking in front of the pimped out suv, though this gentleman is sporting a very fashionable look.

Doug said...

I love the ironic, yet expected, cop car stationed at this particular ghetto pilot. I'm sure this station has nothing on the Exxon Tigermart at Broadway and 40 in Nashville though. If you've been there, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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