Friday, June 20, 2008


No, not my favorite wings place ("for the food")- I mean the bloodthirsty motorcycle gangs that have invaded Knoxville! Well, sort of. Most of them seem more the upper-middle-class-middle-aged type. However there's no way not to notice when the Honda Hoot is in town. Knoxville has literally filled to the brim with motorcycles.

I'm not sure what they actually do for five days, but the "Beans, Beans, and More Beans" event on the schedule sounds fun. Basically it's a mystery to me. Everything I know about Motorcycle Culture comes from this scene:

I remember watching this when I was six and thinking, "Uh oh... how's Pee Wee gonna get himself out of this one?!" I learned that the power of love always prevails... and how to dance. I wonder if The Satan's Helpers are coming to the Hoot?


Anonymous said...

Honda Hoot has always always been the weekend of my birthday, which is a terrible bday present bc my friends and family come to visit a town flooded by bikers and biker activities (not a bad thing, just not MY thing). This year, though, my bday falls AFTER the hoot. sure, i'll be working alone in amsterdam on that day but i still think it's better than the hoot.

ck said...

now you'll be surrounded by swarms of the other type of bikers- on bicycles!

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