Wednesday, June 11, 2008

broken glass, broken dreams

on monday night around 8:00, i parked my car on the gay st. viaduct. admittedly, i had a brief premonition that parking the car at the northern corner (closest to regas) could be a bad idea. at roughly 8:30 tuesday morning, i walked to my car and found this:
yes, that is a broken glass and yes, that is a brick lying on the driver's seat. s/he/they threw it through my passenger window. if you can get past the image of someone throwing a brick into the window of a honda civic, try to imagine this: we keep nothing of value in our car. but maybe my disbelief reflects naivety.
here's the list of the objects the perpetrators carried off:
-1 first genration ipod nano
-1 silver ring
-1 ipod FM transmitter
making the total value somewhere below the $99 mark.

seriously, talk about a disappointment for the brick tosser.

glass doctors charged me $260 to repair the window and vacuum up most of the glass (not a bad deal, considering they come to you).
there's not much point to this post, other than a chance for me to complain and share some depressing pictures. if you feel remotely unsettled about the place you park, i suggest not parking there. at the same time, i wasn't in a extremely removed place either.

i'm sure some of wiser readers (i'm looking in your direction, smoochies--our ever present naysayer) are already licking their chops by this point in the post, thinking of their cleverest, choicest mean-spirited comments regarding urban living in knoxville. bring it, you cold hearted bas--i mean, play nice, friends, it's bad enough dealing with theft, hearing the chorus of "i told you so" might make me do something drastic. like, move to st. louis.

but in all seriousness, shit does happen. if we, as a blogging community want bring some positive little moral out of my shattered car window, we could start with discussion regarding security and homelessness in knoxville--not necessarily a new conversation for this blog, but one worth endlessly debating.


The Modern Gal said...

Oh man Stan, that sucks. I'm sorry.

Truth is, this could probably happen anywhere. And you're right, the thing to do is to start at the root of Knoxville's problems.

And may I direct the naysayers to Thank you.

ck said...

in six years my car has been broken into three times. i guess living near so many people looking for a quick buck makes it unavoidable. most of time everything is cool, but every other year i lose the car theft lottery.

Anonymous said...

Check with McKay's used books. We had the same thing happen and our Ipod showed up there for sale. Sorry about the incident and I agree with your post and the safety issue, hint the KFQ.


adam brimer said...

that sucks man. i'm sorry. short story...

i was moving two weeks ago and had rented a truck from Budget rent-a-car on Clinton Hwy at Merchants. I left my 4Runner parked in their lot assuming that everything would be ok when I returned at the end of the day. This is one of the busiest intersections in North Knoxville and it is well lit and people are constantly driving by...

My catalytic converter was cut out of the underbelly of my truck. I don't know exactly when it happened or what jerk face did it, but my truck sounded like a hot rod. I filed a police report, they weren't surprised. They said the perp probably sold it for $50 at a junk yard. It cost $645 to replace the converter and also the oxygen sensor that was conveniently removed. Apparently there has been an outbreak of this in the past few months. Catalytic converters have platinum in them. (correct me if i'm wrong). That is what people sell for whatever.

In addition, and the reason I named the business above, is that Budget had the nerve to tell me the next day that this had happened a couple of times before in recent months. THANKS GUYS! That was also after they made me wait 5 hours on the truck that I had reserved, but that is another story.

All that said, don't leave your high-ground-clearance SUV or Truck or VW with 20" rims sitting around just anywhere. It was pretty easy for the person(s) to steal my part and it was really costly to replace. I still have no idea who did it.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought it might add a little.

adam brimer said...

oh and i forgot to mention that i picked up the truck at 11am (5 hours later than i should have...) and returned at 2am that night to pick up my vehicle. It could have happened at anytime between.

Tere said...

My son lives in the Old City and the same thing happened to him a few weeks ago and one of his friends a few weeks before that - brick through the window, even though there was nothing in the car. Still a pain though. Seems to be an unfortunate trend.

Anonymous said...

i used to live downtown many years. got robbed many times. now i have lived out west for may years. haven't been robbed. it's weird. rite of passage i guess. stay cool kids.


Anonymous said...

Smoochies only ever has mean things to say. I wonder if he ever has anything nice to say?

I used to live in a very affluent suburb. Safe neighborhood. Picket fences. Neighborhood watch. Good schools. My neighbor was robbed at gunpoint. At any moment, at any time, things can go bad. I wonder why people dont understand that.

Anonymous said...

is it really a revelation that bad things can happen to people no matter where? is it really a revelation that there's a higher concentration of crime downtown?

your friend,
the mayor

stan said...

wait a second, are smoochies and the mayor two different people?! --my world is changing.

thanks for the comments you two. i had worried you stopped reading.

and thanks for the stories or empathy from the rest of you.

brimer--i'm sorry. i've never heard of someone stealing a catalytic converter before. the civic's already burned through a pair of them (don't ask), so i'm hoping the low clearance will keep the thieves away. i'd like to keep my catalytic converter usage below half a dozen per car.

Mickey said...

I was similarly violated in 'Nooga several years ago. Sucked.

julie said...

I just returned from a run on on the Sequoyah Greenway at 10:00 on a sunday night to find my car in a similar state - brick on the floor, passenger window shattered. and it was parked in the laurel church of christ parking lot!

luckily, my alarm must have gone off and nothing was stolen despite the fact that I had an ipod, iphone and my comp in the car. I just started grad school this fall and didn't realize Knoxville had such a reputation. I will definitely be more cautious from now on.

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