Friday, October 17, 2008

The same, but different

To cater to the masses (because that’s what we like to do here at TSINAW) I’d like to add a little gossip post on for today.
Many of you may have heard that Gregg White no longer owns LaCosta. Well the rumor is true. He also closed Emma’s, his newest restaurant out at Choto marina.
LaCosta isn’t closing, it will just no longer be a “Gregg White Experience.” What does this mean? Not much apparently. It seems Ken, the new owner, may not change too much. And when I say Ken, I mean I don’t have any idea what his last name is. I do know that for the past few days he’s been putting in long hours at LaCosta, meeting with distributors and even working back in the kitchen, to get a feel for the place and to make the right changes. Some news people came in the other day and I overheard them ask if they could come in and take pictures of him and the restaurant. Ken’s response: “Oh, no. I’m behind the scenes on this one.”
I like Ken.
As for the GWE, I heard he’s focusing on what’s working best for him: Nama. And to be specific, the Old-ma, not the New-ma.
So in light of the Pol’s post, go to LaCosta and talk about the amendments, and if I’m there, fill me in on what in the world he’s talking about.


The Modern Gal said...

Here's some more dets:

Apparently his last name is Eddleman and he's thinking about opening LaCosta for lunch. As for the GWE, he wants to expand Nama into hotels.

Anonymous said...

Emma's at Choto is only closed for the fall and winter season.

Mickey said...

Ken better leave that sweet potato burrito alone!