Monday, October 13, 2008

our splendid transit system?

Is it just me, or are KAT buses breaking down all over the place? I passed one on Hall of Fame Drive this morning, with another bus backing up to it to pick up the stranded passengers. It seems like every other day I see one of those huge tow trucks towing a teal bus around. It's been reported that KAT has been cutting back its budget, but have they been cutting back on maintenance? Has anyone else noticed this?

On a related note, I saw this morning that construction has begun on the new transit center on Church Street. It looks like it will be pretty cool, if a bit removed from the busy part of downtown.


The Modern Gal said...

There was one broken down the other day on Neyland Drive.

Beta169 said...

I use KAT and have never seen a big bus more than a quarter full. The Trolleys I've seen almost completely full a couple of times. Maybe a better cost constraint would be to sell the inefficient big busses and get a fleet of trolleys (or trolley sized vehicles). Make them ALL greener - bio-diesel or maybe work with UT to get cutting edge tech - pay for it with grant monies! Then make them unique to knoxville - unique shape and color, and it gets Knoxville some great publicity.