Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Feast for the Senses

Two things led me to getting a card to the public library downtown. One: I no longer have full access to Hodges Library, and Two: I am too cheap to get internet for my apartment. I’ve been a card owner for a few months now, and I admit, I’ve only checked out a couple of books, but who needs books anyway when there are so many other things to offer?
The public library downtown is like another dimension. It is also a single girl’s best friend. I mostly go there to use the computers. I guess you could say I’m a regular now. I see a lot of the same faces. From what I gather, a lot of them are homeless. I could be wrong, but there is evidence for my assumption.
I have learned to love the public library for its many eccentricities. There are things you can count on there, like a good friend.
1)Background music. When I use a computer, someone near me, usually right beside me, is listening to music at a very high volume. They don’t have an ipod, but a discman, and those headphones with the silver wire across the top and the big black cushy earphone covers. If I had to make a “best of the public library mix,” it would include Creed, Nickelback, Beyonce, and a lot of death metal. I get to rock out, at absolutely no cost.
2)The wait is never too long for a computer. Everyone’s sessions are timed. Equality for all. 65 minutes is all you get, or 30 on the express computers. You can even reserve a computer if you think that far in advance.
3)Free definitions. Whoever said librarians were quiet was off by a long shot. I had no idea you could call a librarian to get definitions of words. They have a dictionary at hand, ready and waiting. And when you call, you can be assured that not only you will be enlightened by the definition but also whoever else is in the building. Wikipedia, Shmikapedia.
4)Maybe now I subconsciously go for a small ego boost. I am not bragging on this one. This is just a fact. At some point in the game, I get hit on. I might be walking from the front door, perusing the cds, or typing away, but I can always count on it. It never fails that a man, usually with a beard and a dirty shirt, will always be kind enough to tell me how beautiful I am. I have yet to think of a proper response to this. For now, I immediately look down, or away. Anywhere but in eyes of my beholder.
5)FREE CD and DVD rentals. The objective here is to be open-minded. See the selection as a learning experience, not as sparse. I finally learned that I don’t really like Ella Fitzgerald and also what Kathy Bates looks like in the nude.

The public library is great, but you don’t have to take my word for it…


Anonymous said...

i love the public library.

i dont love all the hobos.

Unknown said...

The correct response to being told you're beautiful is, "Thank you." Like I'm an expert or something.

Mickey said...

Good post. We were frequenting the library for the free internet until we realized internet isn't that expensive.

And you forgot to mention the security guard whose sole job appears to be to remind the homeless that they can't sleep in the library and that they have to have a book open in front of them if they want to sit somewhere.

I never get hit on by hobos. Where's the love?

Lisanne624 said...

People, people, branch libraries are your friends. Too far away for the hobos!

Lord Von Lord said...

I agree with lisanne. I know it's not convenient for some, but the branch library in Powell is a gorgeous facility.

The Modern Gal said...

I enjoy the Reading Rainbow reference.

There's a certain grit about the library that I love. Plus, I get a weird pleasure from the smell and feel of library books. I'm creepy like that.

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