Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, do, but not until you have had a chance to do your research.

Early Voting starts today, yes it is that close to this thing finally being over. You might have made up your mind as to the big one, but the more important in the local sense is the charter amendment vote that you will be making.

As I am The Pol, a former County Commission candidate, I feel that it is my duty to give an overview of the charter petition amendments. So over the next several days I'll go over the amendments. I will tell you how I see they will impact each of us and then hopefully you will be able to vote knowingly about each of them.

these are serious and important changes to the county's government and so I recommend reviewing each one and deciding how to vote instead of a simple all yes or all no. The new pension plan that the county adopted recently was a very close vote, but now we're all saddled with millions of dollars that we will be responsible for, so understand these have lasing and important effects on your personal situation.

Vote, but vote knowingly, there is nothing so dangerous to our own freedoms as an ignorant voter.

So get ready, it's gonna be a bumpy three weeks.


The Modern Gal said...

Excellent. I like to be a well-informed voter but admit I haven't been keeping up with the amendment issues as well as I should be.

Anonymous said...

there's an election? what's it for?

Amelia said...

Look forward to hearing about these. No one ever covers what else is being voted on other than the presidential candidates for November election.

stan said...

as i recall, one of the amendments is a new "walk one way" rule. sidewalks will mirror traffic lanes in direction. this should help avoid those pesky confrontations with oncoming walkers.