Friday, October 17, 2008

Democrazy Inaction part the 2nd

Well today's ballot initiative promises to be slightly more interesting than the one from yesterday.

This second amendment sets up a Charter Review Committee to convene at least once every 8 years to take a look at the charter and consider any proposed or needed amendments. An interesting part of this change is how the set up of the committee will be.

27 members
1 from commission from each district and two non-commission members, each of those are nominated by the mayor and commission respectively.

This, in theory, forces our local government to bring in non-governmental types every so often to sit down and look at any needed changes to our governmental structure. I like this idea, it'd be great if the federal government did this sort of thing on occasion as well. A constitutional review committee would likely make all citizens more interested in the document from which our government derives its authority, but I digress.

Oh and on all of these issue you don't vote yes or no, you vote "for" or "against". So on amendment (or question as it is called) #2 the Pol says vote FOR.

Now for the supportive Clip art: (which is oddly relevant)

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Again slam dunk!