Friday, October 03, 2008

fame at last

i know i've moved away, now a foreigner to knoxville. but last weekend i was once again one of you. there's a lot of things i miss about knoxville and it was good to be back.

also, i'm still an administrator on this blog. so i can do pretty much whatever i want. in fact, ck's probably having a conniption right now because i'm not on the posting schedule for today. yes, the wigshop has a posting schedule.

on friday night, i went up into the wigshop with some fellow bloggers to see if they knew anything about gin. the skybox pours a generous martini and we had a good time. but the best part of the experience was the notoriety. they know us!...or, this blog anyway.

also, i only had one drink, so don't let that 6.50 fool you. you still have to pay full price for martinis inside of the sun.


max said...

that was a lot of effort to type that into the computer.

Anonymous said...

renegade poster! i love it! miss you stan

max said...

i meant "spherebloggers"

ck said...

just because you have a glorious permanent position in our sidebar doesn't mean you can just waltz in here whenever you want! ....i miss you too.