Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democracy in Action

Well, with flashy labels like i have on here, no wonder you'll be glued to your screens reading my analysis of the Charter Amendments
(the label wasn't doing it for me, so i added my own--stan).

I'm going to try, over the next few days, to discuss these changes to our county's style of governance in simple, but adequate terms. It's fairly straight forward when you understand what the changes mean, but like with all things government, the legalese is hard to penetrate, especially when you're in the voting booth.

Also, understand that these changes are rather controversial. In some cases they have removed some offices from being elected and eliminated others all together. If you disagree with how I lay out the changes please, by all means, reply, but lets keep this civil if possible.

The first section I will address will be the changes to the County Commission, and the rules by which it operates. The other set of amendments make changes to the county mayors office which I will address in the coming days.
The Amendment of the Day

The first amendment is something that few will have a problem with, and likely fewer understand why it is on there. It is a change of language removing the words, “Not
more than sixty (60) days and not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the next general
election next following its appointment”

I know exciting right? Then words are added about how the future changes to the Charter are to be made. Anyways, this one is fairly inane as far as I can understand.

So the first one on the ballot is simple. I say vote yes. Not much to discuss, unlike the others. We'll start getting into those soon enough though.

So the Verdict for Amendment 1:


Anonymous said...

Slam dunk


ck said...

isn't the first amendment about freedom of religion, speech and press? boy am i confused.

B said...

i wish i was smarter

max said...

those dudes at the end are scary.