Thursday, April 01, 2010

what is this?

...a city for ants ?!

I've been obsessed with tilt shift photography, which works best if looking down on the subject. So I thought I'd try it from our splendiferous city-viewing platform.


Anonymous said...

The real city would have to be at least...3 TIMES THIS BIG!!

B said...


Ian said...

Cool! How'd you get up there?

I've been on the roof once:

ck said...

Has anyone seen the new Chattanooga tilt shift video commercial? I saw it last night, it was very cool. Knox Vegas needs to get their act together cause we're getting beaten on all fronts by our neighbor to the south...

max said...

there are some really cool tilt-shift videos shot with the Canon 5D MK2 out there. just check for them.

it makes everything look like toys.

and CK you'd enjoy the fact that the tilt-shift lens was originally designed for architecture photography.

Robert said...

I love tilt shift ... and Zoolander quotes

Unknown said...

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