Thursday, April 08, 2010

This really takes the cake, or biscuit rather

Not long ago, Knoxville had 20 textile mills around town, and, as a result, was known as the Underwear Capital of the World. As sad as it has been to lose this incredible identity, it seems we may have something just as bizarre but much more classy to help put us back on the map.

"What's that?" you sit and think. Biscuits.

On June 5, 2010, Market Square is putting on the first annual International Biscuit Festival. I conducted my first Wigshop interview last week with John Craig, president of the Market Square District Association and founder of the festival. I will share with you what he told me about this festive occasion.

He admits the biscuit idea was not originally his. For at least a decade, there has been talk about creating a biscuit festival in Knoxville because of White Lily Flour's presence, which, some believe, make the best biscuits. But it takes a man like John Craig, aka Mr. Biscuit, to make this kind of thing a reality.

It started with a revolutionary moment when John's biscuit brain cells kicked into high gear. During First Night, the downtown-wide New Year's Eve event he created, he and others were working out in the cold when they came up with a great idea: "Let's do something like this but warm."

I can envision them out in the Square, conjuring up ideas about biscuits and biscuit related events. What better to warm the soul?

After that, the party planning committee formed, known as the Biscuit Brain Trust. Here's a quick rundown of things they foresee happening on June 5. As you read them, think biscuit-themed:

  •  music and bands performing at the Square Room, WDVX, and the Market Square stage
  • improv performance by Einstein simplified
  • a song writing contest
  • VIP breakfast
  • a film festival, including a documentary
  • Biscuit Boulevard (a boulevard of biscuit taste-testing samples)
  • a Biscuit Bake off
  • a Biscuit Bazaar (where you can buy biscuit accoutrements, i.e. honey)
  • the Biscuit Bolt, a 1 mile run (which Mr. Biscuit says will be carbo loading in reverse)
  • an art exhibit
and my favorite:
  • a Miss Biscuit pageant with an apron fashion show and biscuit baking contest

A little something for everyone. I propose they have a biscuit war, kind of like Spain and their tomatoes.

The underlying goal, as always, is to create something Knoxvillians can enjoy and that potentially draws biscuit enthusiasts from around the globe. Biscuit Mecca. It's definitely something to think about.

The International Biscuit Festival
Downtown Knoxville
June 5, 2010
9am to 7pm


benjamin said...

the buscuit burners better be there!

The Modern Gal said...

I want to be Miss Biscuit and model aprons!!

Casey K said...

I am so down for a biscuit war. I'll stay and help clean up.

Unknown said...

That very same day, there's also Ijamsfest (at Ijams, naturally), featuring the likes of Natti Love Joys, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, The LoneTones, Cain and Annabelle, The Bearded, Catfish Mercury Load, etc. Crazy!

ck said...

I support any festival based on food.