Friday, April 09, 2010

C'est Bon

Oui, le Pol c'est Francais ce soir.

This post is a bit delayed, but that only makes the descriptions more honed.

Over Valentines weekend Mrs. The Pol and I went to Le Parigo for their late night prix fixe menu. It was a three course dinner for about $50 a head, and all I can say is wow.

This was not our first foray to our downtown fine French cuisine locale, but it was by far our most expansive view of the chefs offerings and abilities.

The opening volley began with Smoked Duck Breast Salad that was lushly savory and was delightfully complemented by the addition of pears and a rich peppercorn sauce. There was also a lobster dish (I'm not crazy about lobster, but it was tasty) that didn't rock my world like the duck did, sorry we'll move on. Please see the lovely presentation below.

The main course was enjoined with a fight of the meats. I had the lamb chops, medium rare, and they were immensely enjoyable. They came served with brussels sprouts and carrots with a delicate and tangy sauce. All quite satisfying and balanced. That leads me to the petite filet Mrs. The Pol ordered.

I have to stop here because rarely am I amazed. I have had the good opportunity in my few years to eat amazing food in some interesting and renowned places and thought I had a proper expectation for the top end flavor limit of a filet mignon, I was wrong.

Le Parigo served us that evening a true treat in their steak. It was rich, it was beautiful, it was inspired. The quality of the meat shone out while a delicate crust added a texture that surprised and satisfied as it lead to the warm embrace of the steak.

The pairings of a potato hash stack, asparagus, crab, and a modified burre blanc sauce created a graceful dance of flavor. It was, to quote my grandmother, "divine".

Dessert found us with a cheese plate that consisted of the most un-brie tasting brie that had me lingering over each bite for minutes and a lemon tartlet that, though a bit tangy for where we had just come from food wise, was delicious.

I could also go into the quality of the service as they were keenly unhurried and allowed for the experience of the meal to be enjoyed fully. The wine list, though short, offers numerous quality French varietals that are sufficient for my purposes.

Please, if you haven't had a reason to spend more than you intended to in a while on a meal, find an excuse and go to Le Parigo. They are a jewel in the downtown Knoxville food crown, truly worth the time and money... oh and I didn't even mention the Pork Belly...

416 West Clinch Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 525-9214

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Anonymous said...

The Pol's sister wants to go there - she loves smoked Duck Breast Salad and Pork Belly and Lamb Chops, and Filet Mignon and French Wine oh and apparently braised wild boar shanks!

Anonymous said...

The youngest sister of The Pol would also love to go. Pork Belly is my middle name.

athomp said...

I couldn't agree more, the chefs there are arguably the most talented in downtown.

Lo said...

i took mrs. lo there for our first month-a-versary and, while we spent practically all our cash wedding gift fund over wine and duck, it was most superb! i know where the pol is spending his tax refund.

regi said...

D'accord, c'est magnifique!