Monday, April 05, 2010

web stuff

So, despite being on the interweb the Wigshop is not chock full of web savvy people. We're writers, artists, and wannabe politicians. It was a big deal for us to even get our own domain name.

Well, we done got claim jumped on that one (see? writers.) accidentally expired and was snatched up by a fella named Zach in Ft. Lauderdale. Be sure check out his awesome website. Assuming he wants to profit from our misfortune, and that we don't make any money doing this, it's time to move on to a new domain. We're having an internal Wigshop debate about where to go, but feel free to chime in on the comments below.

In related news, we've ventured into the popular social media site Facebook with our very own page. If you feel like elevating your status from "casual observer" to "fan" feel free to check it out.

Things should be back to normal in a few days. If you're voting in the Best of Knoxville poll (and would like to vote for us) be sure to put "" for the sake of consistency. Thanks for all your votes!

Coming up, we have BBQ Quest returning, the inside scoop on the Biscuit Fest, Cades Cove is reopening, and a rant against the concept of the One Way Street. Come on back!


B said...

We should have a wigshop writer/reader mixer at Zack's house. I'll bring the jello shots.

Unknown said...

OMG! I knew something happened! I went looking for you guys and came across that weird wigsphere! I hope you fig. something out, and get us our awesome knoxville updates soon!

Unknown said...

"Wigs Unlimited". That is kind of hilarious.