Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Suits, No Ties, No Lies, Just Votes

OK so I had intended this to be a boring, "hey remember today is the last day to early vote in the primary for Knox County" type post. I would have said, "I'm a Burchett fan the other writers don't hate me for saying it so yippee Go Burchett". But then I read the afterthought of a story in the new Metro Pulse and have found my pet project for the next few days.


I mean, this would be a great story if he picked up the Dem. nod next Tuesday! I'm fairly seriously considering voting in the (D) primary just to support him.

Check out his Facebook page, the guy is running a pseudo-serious campaign for mayor with a few decent points, but if nothing else an ability to garner some attention.

Here's my thought, lets see if we can boost his numbers over 500 votes and make his day.

Read the MP story involving him, check out his Facebook, and apparently there is a rap video for him out there somewhere about the campaign, but I can't find it.

So all that said, vote early, vote often, and vote McBath!

(This is obviously not the rap video and not exactly his most impressive stuff but at least you can see him.)