Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scenes from Rhythm and Blooms

I took my girlfriend, KTG, out for her birthday to the Rhythm and Blooms Festival. We took in an intimate show with Greg Horne at Remedy and a relaxing one with the Black Lilies at the Knoxville Botanical Garden.

I will now take the liberty to say that the Knoxville Botanical Garden is HANDS DOWN the best outdoor concert venue in Knoxville. With the sunset, great music, a good person by your side and of course beer and BBQ it's like seeing a show in the colorful and magical Tennessee Theatre but OUTSIDE. You can't feel the breeze inside now can you?

Ok enough jabber. Here's the take on the weekend.


B said...

I was sitting right behind Max at the Black Lilies, and I can attest to his good judgment on the Botanical Gardens. Walking back to my car right after the sun set and seeing the mountains off in the distance...phew!

Remember when we had no idea what was going on there?


Now we know a little more.

ck said...

I saw Ben Sollee last year at the Botanical Gardens last year- it was right around sunset too... it was amazing. The Gardens are becoming a cool new venue in Knoxville. I hope they have more concerts there this year!

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