Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Points of Interest

As the Chamber of Commerce rep at my job I receive, and read through, the "Greater Knoxville Business Journal". OK so I don't really read it, I skim over the new business licenses and bankruptcy's to see if anything interesting is going on. This time there are a few things that stuck out that I would love to know more about. So I'm gonna throw out the info I have and if anyone has any more insight toss it our way.

#1 16 Market Square has pulled a $90,000 building permit for "restaurant alterations". I think this is where the old World Grotto is.

#2 37 Market Square pulled a $445,000 building permit for "continuous foundation", I got nothing so anything will help.

#3 New business called Arcade Sound Ltd. obtained a business license w/ and address of 110 Summit Hill Dr.

#4 Monte's, a bar/ restaurant on 525 Henley St. has obtained a business license and obtained a beer permit. Anyone know what kind of place this is going to be??

Hope there is more information out there, but it is nice to see the development is continuing.


Aria said...

On Arcade Sound, http://blogs.metropulse.com/live_like_this/2010/01/new-knoxville-label-arcade-sou.html

Anonymous said...

525 Henley St. is the Holiday Inn. I'm guessing it will be a typical lame hotel bar.

B said...

You might know this but 37 is where Gus's used to be. I assume since they utterly demolished the building, they are starting from the ground up so to speak. i should know more about this. if i learn anything, i'll let you know.

Athomp said...

#1 16 Market Square if that's the right address as what was World Grotto is being turned into a mixed bar/restaurant/club called Latitude 35. It's owned by Justin (forget his last name), the old door guy for a few years at the Brewery as well as a manager for Nama for a year after that.

From what he told me about it, they are gutting the entire building and putting a Sports Bar upstairs, dance/music club where bands used to play downstairs and a lounge area and high end tapas restaurant downstairs.

That's pretty much all I know about it.

ck said...

#37 had a "continuous foundation" footer poured a few weeks ago, so I'd say the permit info is a bit old. But no work has happened for a while so I'd be curious to know what's holding up the construction.