Friday, March 05, 2010

The Night Owl Cafe

After your First Friday festivities are through stop by the Night Owl Cafe for a bite to eat and some sort of hot beverage to warm up those fingers.

I stopped by for the first time last night with my girlfriend and got a burger. We got "the burg" which consisted of fried onion, gouda, arugula, grass fed beef and mustard on a home made roll. Mmmmmmmmm. I made a point to tell the people working there that it was the best dang burger I had in a long time. Oh and it comes with home made waffle chips. I left wanting more. That is coming from a guy who won't allow himself to buy a bag of potato chips because he'll eat the whole thing.

From what I was told, the drinking vessels are all hand made by the chef. I like the homey / non-sterile-restaurant-supply-store feel to the mugs. Even the water was really good. They must filter it or something. Or Old City tap water is just that good.

The pricing was a little high for a daily routine for me, but you get what you pay for and it is worth every penny. You are getting freshly prepared everything (for the most part, but not the mustard) and in good sized proportions. I mean, look at the size of that burger people.

Before we left, my significant other bought curried split pea soup and rosemary potato bread for lunch today. Score more delicious points for the Night Owl. We plan on going back soon to try the other stuff.

Now The Pol's turn.

Unbeknownst to either of us Max and I both went to Night Owl at different times yesterday. I’ll echo his sentiments on the feel, very comfortable, homey, and welcoming. Now for the important part.

I had the Shitake sandwich. It was a joyous vegetable and bacon combo on great bread that provided a light, but satisfying end to a night that started with bowling alley nachos. Mrs. The Pol ordered the Butternut Squash Hummus which came with some sort of homemade focaccia bread that was great, though a touch oily. What struck me though was the quality of the offerings. There is a Fennel and Orange salad that comes with either shrimp or… wait for it… Pork Belly. It’s great that a low key grab and go would offer gastronomic delicacies like this without all of the fuss of a sit down dinner.

I’ll definitely be back and I recommend everyone swing by this evening. Tell them the Wigshop recommended it.

Night Owl is located on Central Ave. near Crown and Goose. Think former Pasta Trio location. Night Owl roosts in half of it.


ck said...

Yes! Love the hours. Gives us an alternative to hanging out in a bar late at night. Might have to stop by after First Friday tonight...

Anonymous said...

Love that you used "joyous" as a descriptor, Pol. Also, I heart fennel. This place looks great. A somewhat healthier late night alternative to Davinci's (which certainly also has its place in my heart).

B said...

I heard ALL of the dishes were made by the chef. I love it.

I tried the Veggie Burger and the Steak Sandwich when I went. In a town popping up with restaurants that all feature a veggie burger, I have to say this was the best I've found.

And those chips, man. I would buy bags of them if they sold them.

I think they are closed Monday and Tuesday, but are open Sunday for brunch where they dish up some homemade donuts.

Go and go often.

max said...

i was told that brunch has been postponed until later. likely the summer. last sunday was their last brunch time for now.

Lo said...

that burger looks a little pink. did you adjust your white balance correctly, max?

max said...

you're right, Lo. the burger was a little pink. we ordered medium but it came out a little rarer than that... but still, it was delicious. i ate half of the whole thing.

max said...

we split the burger.


i just devoured the aforementioned lunch i ordered last night. it was actually rosemary buttermilk potato bread which is important to note because the buttermilk gives it an incredibly delicate texture and sweet flavor combined with the rosemary. i wish i hadn't split it with max.

Anonymous said...

had the shitake sandwich...the bacon was the shitake mushrooms, not real bacon...a delicious veggie meal, spread with a carrot puree

Anonymous said...

i don't think this has been said but they also make there own bread. ooh, and all of their appetizers are very delicious!