Thursday, March 04, 2010

First Friday Artist Announcement

Hello all,

Sorry for the double-post, but I wanted to make a recommendation for your First Friday festivities tomorrow.

The sculptor Brian Jobe is showing in the Reading Room of the Art+Architecture building at UT as part of the Robert Church Memorial Lecture Exhibition and Film Series. Brian is a Knoxville native who has returned to our fair city after several years in Texas and New York.

The installation is part of his ongoing work exploring materiality and modernity. His work is incredibly thought provoking and visually compelling.

To learn more about Brian, check out his website:

His reception starts at 6, and there are also several Masters students showing across the hall at the Ewing Gallery. So come early and start your First Friday off right.


Kate Spears said...

i work in said building and i am privileged to have seen the work you are talking looks amazing! i think everyone should come out and support local art! i even blogged about it last week. ;)

B said...

Congrats, Brian. You know I'll be there.

Lo said...

don't forget we've blogged about this young lad and his lady before at the wigsphere.

after you see his work, you'll realize we have brian to thank for the shortage of zipties in a 5 county radius of knox!

will cote said...

The last Brian Jobe show I went to in Knoxville, the fire department came. I hope that's an incentive to go. Wish I coulde there.