Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy golden memories

It's hard to believe my first post for the Wigshop was a little over a year and a half ago. I've recently been reminiscing over the good times I've had as a Wigshopper and the spiciness it's added to my life. Not to get tooooo sentimental, but we don't really ever say it, so I will. Thanks for reading. Thanks also for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. It's been a delight for me. It really has.

In light of my recent mushiness over this blog and our readers, I wanted to share with you just a handful of our most memorable posts. We've had a lot of great discussions, but these posts have stuck out in our minds, mostly because of your comments. So thanks from the bottom of our Knoxville loving hearts. Even if you hate us and say so, at least you're reading, and that's all that matters.

Graffiti in Knoxville: Some of the most colorful comments ever.

Fellini of my heart :

great comments:

Benjamin : "...last time I was there, I saw 3 women sporting bushy mustaches and an old white man carrying a bicycle down the dairy aisle."

Anonymous: "I once saw a guy shoot himself in the foot in the parking lot at the Fellini Kroger."

Knoxville's own Wizard: Wigshoppers are called "faux hipsters" by a dissenter on this one.

Review: Trio Cafe: ck stirs up some dissension, I assume mostly because of this quote, which is one of my favorites: "The whole place gave me the impression that Trio is what would happen if Panera Bread had a wild fling with Chuck E. Cheez and had a baby."


No Mow: A discussion on if it's proper to mow on a Sunday.

great comments:

Discordia: "if it truly bothered someone, I would simply point out the sabbath is on saturday and blow their minds."

Anonymous: "If you get any static, just tell the neighbors that you're a wiccan - that should keep them from bothering you."

Lord von Lord: "Voodoo. Works everytime. They'll beg for you to mow on Sunday after you bury livestock in your yard a couple of times."

Teddy Bears: Please stop the insanity: This post was before my time, but apparently Clifford Clark (the guy who shot out the red-light camera on Broadway with a gun) actually commented on this post, under the alias Up Yours: "Where were you assholes when I was in jail? Blogging for your rights? What have any of you done for anyone? You're a collection of cowards. You can't even withstand counter comments because your arguments (and intellect) are so weak."

Bonus points!!

Bzzz: Spelling bee for Grownups: I love that Joe Ossenmacher-Bedford actually ended up going. You're probably the only one that has ever taken us up on anything we've written about. And you had fun, didn't you?

That is all for now. To many more great discussions.


Anonymous said...

This was so fun, B! A trip down memory lane.

I am awaiting for more new post as well.

B said...

more new post! more new post!

Wax S. said...

Maintain, Wigshoppers, beautifully.

max said...

where's smoochies (XOXO) when you need him/her?

max said...

where's smoochies (XOXO) when you need him/her?

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