Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy saint patricks day!

Whether you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day as a religious holiday, a drinking holiday, or just an excuse to wear green and eat corned beef, it's generally accepted as a fun and festive day.

I know from experience that Knoxville loves to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. In fact, I can imagine the the Downtown Grill and Brewery is open and serving as I type this.

Did you send your kids off to school in green outfits? Did you wake up and immediately take a car bomb or green jello shot? Are you craving that glass of Jameson?

There are some fun Saint Patrick's Day shows tonight, including Four Leaf Peat at the Square Room and Cutthroat Shamrock at the Valarium. Four Leaf Peat will be a more mellow sit-down show and Cutthroat Shamrock, I imagine, will be a bit rowdy. The Coveralls are also playing at Barleys, and I believe that the Old City bars are having their annual Old City Saint Patrick's day bar crawl. Fun times.

Be safe and responsible and get your green on.

(My green on)


B said...

I completely forgot to wear green today.

I would really like some corned beef. Where should I get some?

ck said...

Steamboat has a corned beef special today. Getcha some!